I dunno, I've been trying to write a lot of stuff lately, this is the latest thing I've done, tell me what you think. (im not particularly fond of the title name, but thats minor as of right now)

Ms. Nighttime

the slumbering night that has me wrapped up in you
your sparkling eyes that i cant help but look up to
a most refreshing whisper that sends shivers down my spine
oh why wont you please answer these questions of mine?

ashes on my lips from a broken cigarette has got me lookin up at you, the one that i found
i reached for the sky but kept my feet on the ground
opened the door to my dreams
the little place where you reigned

caught past a line some point after the sunshine
i'm with you until the last call
when that happens you know i'll be a stuttering mess
with the closest thing i'm gonna get to a peaceful rest

i know you dont want to be caught in daylight with me, thats fine
just so long as when night comes around i can call you mine
i wish you never had to go, i really do
you made my sky never seem blue
you made my sky never seem blue
70's Japan Greco SuperPower
Amps: '65 TRRI - Peavey Classic 50 4x10 - Epiphone VJ Head (Modded) - 2x12 Celestion Greenback Cab
FX: BK Tube Driver - EH Small Stone - MXR CC
Acoustics: Breedlove ADSM20 - Alveraz 5021 12-String