Okay, so I have practiced for months with sweep arpeggios and I have hit a mental block. So far I have used the beautiful creation known as the metronome to make my sweeping insanely fast. Unfortunately I have a nasty little problem with string noise. I can bust out great acoustic arpeggio shreds which sound great, but once I get some distortion going on my electric, then that's when the sound goes to hell. Can anyone help me out with how to train myself out of allowing that buzzing unprofessional sound I am achieving? I was curious if that just involves adding different effects to your guitar which just omits the extra noise, because I have a friend who had some special effect from his pedal that cancels out the extra noise as soon as you take your fingers off the fretboard. Anyways, I digress; any help would be appreciated.
when i sweep pick, i always palm mute the other strings to get rid of unwanted noises. or you could take it one step higher, and alternate pick the arpeggios like steve morse does.
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the trick is to roll your fingers, you shouldnt have problems with major sweeps as there are no Barres, most of your noise comes from barring, you have to roll your fingers so you only fret one string at a time.
Doesn't distortion usually hide small mistakes in arpeggios? Strange you play them perfectly (more or less) in a clean channel but mistakes show in distortion.

I'd just practice (if you're barring) rolling you fingers, and practice slowly.
Turn the gain down just a little bit, make sure you are using the neck pickup. If it's too bad and your sure it's just noise and not sloppy playing, buy a noise gate.
Using the neck pickup, turning down the gain and rolling back the tone control on your guitar will help reduce unwanted noise.

edit: neck pickup, not bridge pickup...
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Noise gate.... or you could learn to play better

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ideally you shouldn't be using too much gain/distortion. too much will have that ringing/feedback effect. and yes, use a noise gate if you do insist on using lotsa distortion.
I tend to use the neck pickup when sweeping, it does a lot to eliminate the clicking and stuff. A Noise Gate won't do a whole lot for you, it'll do some, but for the most part, just ease up on the gain, make sure you're synching your fingers as precisely as possible, and palm mute that shiz.
concetrate on your left hand. when u release a string with a finger on the left hand try to release it very gently. MAB told me he mutes the strings with the left hand when i saw him in a guitar clinic.
get noise gate, pretty much all the pro's always use a gate, they really rock lol

Just keep practcing, try palm muting for the strings lower than the one you are on at any time and at the same time any strings above the one your on at any time should be muted with the under side of you fretting hand, use the side of fretting fingers against the strings either side the one you are on at any time also!!.. Hope that makes sense lol. You will have to take it back to the drawing board me thinks but no worries..

But when you do get sweeping down, forget about it rock out with some maiden instead!!
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