play well
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Don't **** on stage and throw it at the crowd for "shock" value. The last guy who did that got hit by a semi truck.
There's a place where a depth charge ignites.
if you get bottled just do what comedians do to hecklers and just make fun of the guy who threw it for the whole night. if you f*** up a song dont stop chances are the audience wont notice, dont mention its your first time, dont be boring, act like youv played a thousond gigs before

and yes throw it back at him
what to do:-

Enjoy yourselves, practice alot beforehand, dont drink/do drugs, always have as much backed up as possible, feel the music

what to with bottles:-

Throw them back, make fun of the arseholes who do it to you, dont be bullied, and start storming the crowd during songs
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I can safely say I think we've done that, i've delayed this moment since last December!

Dont tell your audience to go f*cking crazy... I got blamed and had to pay for the damage....
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