Just made my first ever pedal - it's a true bypass. It sounds really good, no loss of tone whatsoever.

What do you think?

Basically it means you can switch between an effects loop and your guitar straight to your amp with one press of a button, really handy thing to have.
For a box that bit you could've had a couple loops, but cool design.
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i think doesn't it feel good to plug it in and have it work the first time? happy building, and head over to the ultimate pedal building thread for ideas and links and good stuff like that
ahahaha, that looks awesome
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Thanks for the comments! As for the gut pics, just look at Kurtlives's post. It's wired pretty neatly, and soldered pretty well.

My current project is a volume pedal, just with 2 input/output jacks, a 1M alpha log pot, and a 0.001uF capacitor / resistor thing.
nice looking pedal. nice paint job, almost reminds me of monopoly tho....go directly to amp. do not pass go, do not collect $200. Keep up the good work!