hey guys,i just got this amp...its a marshall MG,15W..erm...but i've got a problem...tis amp strangely doesn't have a mid knob ..instead it has a contour ...what does this mean? i mean,like all the settings i know need mid and my amp has contour instead...driving me mad ...the knobs is has - Clean*volume*,Gain,Gain*volume*,bass,treble,contour,reverb and this funky button thats special...it comes with this series...den it has 3 holes...erm,one fer input*duh*,one fer head phones..den the last is fer some cd thingy...

Really really strange...all the settings i come accross don't need contour...or maybe contour IS mid? i highly doupt so? my acoustic amp has a mid...and not my electric amp..how lame...
the higher it is the more it scoops out your mids
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MG's are bad amps. Yes they are cheep but for the price you can do a lot better.
For those who care.
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oh hell oh,oh well...that sucks,any recommendations on other mid priced amps?dang crap,f8ck! i won't be able to get another amp in a long time..better to get a better guitar at this rate,the one i have now isn't that good...
Roland cube, VOX AD, Randall RG... Plenty of choices. Not line6 spider, though.
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I have an MG15 and I think it sounds fine. If you're good it will sound good. I hate how everyone bashes it, I bet half the people who do have never even played it.
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No offense, but you sound fairly new. Stick with your MG. It'll get you buy until you have money for, say, a high end Peavey or something.
You don't need to run out and buy an amp right now. You have plenty of time to get a better amp later. Just use what you have and learn. Its just for practice man. Get good on the guitar and later on there are some $200 tube combos that sound really great for practice. I wouldn't be ashamed to mic one of the 5 watters at a gig.
On your MG just treat the contour knob as a regular mids knob, works the same way. 0 is extremely scooped, 10 is full on mids.
haha you think your MG is bad? gues what i learned on. some freakish 2 watt thing that had no gain until you were on volume 10 and then it was nothing but static.

treat new gear as ways of marking your progress

and, live with it find settings that work for your volume level. for me that would entail scrapping most of the gain, but its your choice.

and, no, contour is the opposite of a mid. 0 contour = 10 mid. 10 contour = 0 mid.
i have a 'white guitar'
yeah thx alot guys...but i think i'll go ahead with a new guitar first...the one i have now is a riviera,doupt any of you guys have heard it? oh yeah...erm,i just recieved complaints from my neighbour ...do the head phones that are used to plug into the amp cancel the sound coming from the amp itself through the speakers?
its only 15 watts and you getting complaints? Perhaps just turn the volume down alot..
For those who care.
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Charvel USA So-Cal
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Admira Hand-built Spanish Acoustic
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yup.. as terrible as some of these amps are, people who were starting out 13 years ago. (like myself) had some horrendous **** to play on. in fact my amp at the time was an overdrive pedal into the mic input of a Yorx karaoke machine. it sounded like monkeys ****ting out bowling balls. but it got the job done.
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k guys,i know what to do now atleast...now its just a proper guitar den later an amp! of course practise too...
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Actually amp is more important than guitar...............

Depends on the guitar really. If you're happy with the guitar, amp first, if you're not, guitar first. Thats how I view it
if the guitar limits your ability to play. obviously. guitar first.

else, its really up to you, its not like you have this "one final gear purchase"
i have a 'white guitar'