Okay first post on UG so here goes. Most importantly im left handed and i play right handed, so alternate picking on to different strings has always been had, ****loads of practice later im half decent with it. But Im having trouble with this song I'm learning "11th Hour" by Lamb of God, alot of the riffs throughout the song have triple picks in an awkward position, I can only play triple picks down, up, down, and the pace of the song is such that its alternate picking all the way pretty much. The into riff pretty much sums up the trouble Im having -

At first I was having problems getting the timing of the triple pick right at 100% pace picking it as down, down, up, down (thats the note before the triple pick and the triple).

Firstly I tryed starting the riff picking up, down, up etc.

which helps in the first bar but when you play the second bar after it I just end up playing liek i was in the first place, starting down, up, down etc.

So whats the answer? more practice in jsut controlling my picking or learn to pick triples as up, down, up?
Get a left handed guitar would be my first suggestion, but depending how much you've practised this way that might not help.
You could economy pick if you can't get the strict alternative happening.
I think this riff would be best picked economy simply because its almost built this way.
ie measure 1:
-12- - - - -13-12- - - - - - -
- - -13-12- - - - -13- - - - -

It's pretty much built so you can keep a nice direction.
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Thanks heaps. I never thought if picking it like that. although it didnt help 100% with he triple picks it did help me figure out the best way to pick it, practiced the intro and can play it at 100% speed pretty much perfect every time now, this is how im picking it-

-12- - - - -13-12- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - -13-12- - - - -13- 0- 0 0 0- 0- 0
If you want to make it sound as close to the original as possible it's probably all down picked apart from the gallop (note: gallop; not triplet), so work on that; it is quite important if you want to play metal.
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