Well, basically, my friend has agreed to join my band. We're going to be playing heavy stuff, like Metallica or something. Nothing Death Metal, but he plays through a Valveking head, and Mesa Cab. Anyway, before I asked him, he played strictly rock and blues, hence the Valveking. Anyway, what's a good pedal to boost his gain a bit? He'll be playing through a MIA HSS strat, with EMG 81/SA/SA, and he'll be playing lead.

Any ideas?
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EHX Metal Muff, has a treble boost for lead
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any clean booster, ehx lpb-1, mi-audio buffnboost, mxr boost/line driver, or even a decent eq.
but if you boost his gain hes going to get alot of hum, so you might have to buy him a noise supressor as well -.-
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Tube Screamer, that's a huge factor in a Metallica-esque sound. If the TS808 reissue is too expensive for you, the 909 and even th TS9 from the tone-lok series have some nice chunky metal tones they can pull off. Very versatile and effective pedals.