heres the guitar stand me n my dad built today the dowels are covered in felt and are made of tazzy oak the sides r made of plywood it holds 5+ guitars the uke was necessary lol just thought id show off a bit and yes i wrote on my **** box electrics head (bought it for modding purposes havent got there yet)

so far i got a uke a crappy acoustic ive had since i was 7 my 5 my crappy electric and my p bass knock off which has been defretted and is soon to receive EMGs... and no the the strings arent old they are all a week 2 4 days old bad lighting lol
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AWESOME! i coulda saved my self $40 damn
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it worked out at about half the price of the ashton one that holds 5 guitars and takes up twice the space
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yeah lol my band nicknamed me bighead lol and we kinda graffitid all over the guitar hahahaha
I am me. Live with it.