what would you do
when the whole world turns to you
starts blaming you for what they've done
the things they did, they're ashamed of
they lay at the door of you
what would you do
if you only had 10 seconds left
10 seconds of your life to placate the tempter
please between love or life
living a futile lechery

the endless hope
the endless dream
the endless suspense
you're gonna do or die

what would you do
if he'd never told you
the erstwhile he kept sub rosa
would you still be left with him
to the boundless number of trust
what would you do
when your heroes torn asunder
no one to extricate you from your dismay
your soul begins to wail
grow dull from existence


do or die
what would you do
do or die
what would you..
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I liked the chorus. Though 'Do or die' has been used to 'death'...as it were.
Guess what scale this song is in and I'll give you an eCookie.