This is a song I've been working on for religously for the last month or so, the basic core of the song was down pretty quickly as its mostly power chords, something I DONT usually use alot but it is a power ballad. Most of my times been spent trying to write leads which I'm not very good at. It is written ideally for 3 guitarists as well as bass and extensive piano. The song also differs between a time signiture of 150 and 225 (which is more or less just structured in triplets) in a few sections and is just short of 14 minutes long

constructive feedback would be appreciated, especially on the technical side of things, I know alot of the melodies are quite probably technically wrong, and any tips on improving them would be great.
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This song is basicly made by disharmony.
You are alot out of key and combine notes that just dont fit together.
Some of the melodys are nice, but with a backing track that just doesnt fit or is out of key it just doesnt sound any good.
The melody at 149 was very good. realy liked that one,
the backing track and the lead both fit.

I suggest you read a little theory. lots of helpfull good stuff on this site. just cheak out the columns and lessons section.

anyways, c4c?