K guys...very lame thread some of you guys might think...but how do you guys hold a pick exactly? i hold mine with my thumb pressing down and my middle and index finger supporting it on the back...and esspecially when i'm jamming down hard on power chords,i tend to scrape my side of my nail from my index finger...and when the side continues to get scraped on,it'll eventually open up...and it'll hurt like f***....but this method of holding is my most comfortable position...and if i change the position,i tend to pluck the wrong strings due to the change of direction...so yeah,can anyone give me any pointers?
I hold it with the side of my first finger and thumb. Works great for me.
I hold mine so that it rests on my second and first fingers slightly bent and the thumb rests on both of them.
First finger and thumb for me. It's just how I feel comfortable.
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i think i have a problem of strumming down too hard on power chords...do you guys do so? or do you slightly strum and let the distortion carry you on?
you cant really strum too hard on a power chord, hitting it hard is what gives it such a rocking sound, id only watch out if your using it in something acoustic
I think I hold my pick just like HarushiSrx7 said, here's the pic
I dunno how I acquired that style of holding it but I never hurted myself this way (sorry to hear that you did...)
lol,thanks fer caring dude...i guess i do hold it like you two...index and first fingers on one side,thumb on the other? am i right?
Yep. If you still feel uncomfortable then maybe do some experiments with height of your guitar (I mean strap lenght if you play standing), hand position on the bridge.
If your last two fingers rest on scrath plate of your guitar while you're playing then maybe try to keep then in the air - so picking hand will rest only on the bridge.

Mustaine said something about it, like it hepled him develop his speed (look for some instructional video with mustaine on youtube, if you care). GL
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i hold my pick at 45 degrees wif my thumb and first finger lie this v

The brckets represent the pickups so this is viewed from the top...........i use this way when i do licks,sols but on strumming............i use the standard pick is parrallel to the strings way