My thoughts fly away and reappear,
they go down and back up to here.

A constant waterfall of words,
flowing through each other,
screwing one another.

A musical invasion in my mind,
Beating drums are hard to find.

Pulling strings that lead to you,
But you’re the one who never knew.

Unconscious emotions filled with pain,
They all fall down like April rain.

A masterpiece was made for those,
Who master pieces with a hose.

A constant need to see your face,
to beat you up and watch you phase.

The sadistic feelings that are left for me,
Are just ruins of what love used to be.

Soaked with water, trying harder,
Filling fire, lust for murder.

(it's the first time that I've written somthing out of my own free will :p )

It's not finished yet but tell me if it's good or not
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