Almost any metal/metalcore(I know people will argue with me if I don't list metalcore as a separate genre.) song.
Anthrax: MadHouse
Enter Sandman has lots, its a good one for p.m.-ing
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off the top of my head....

Hitchin' A Ride by Green Day

All My Life by Foo Fighters
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Dean Performer Key Largo

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coffe and cigrattes by lagwagon is one i use to practice pm.
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Brain Stew by Green Day would be the freaking easiest song to practice palm muting to.
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Does anyone know any pal muting songs?

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if you want to keep your friends quiet just don't invite them over...

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The song that helped me learn to palm mute was Last Resort by Papa Roach.

I learned different songs at first to help me get the skills for MoP.

Papa Roach was palm muting, then Unholy Confessions by A7X for switching strings.
And then The Hell Song by Sum 41.

That's if your not into Metallica or don't have the skill yet.

Just thinking that way and throwing stuff out.
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if you want to keep your friends quiet just don't invite them over...

nice joke it really made me laugh!!!!
Through the Never - Metallica
A lot of Sum 41 songs
Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
Paranoid Android - Radiohead
Paranoid - Black Sabbath
A lot of punk and metal actually.
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