Well i wanna start using my ear i tried stuff like a couple of songs but others i came across i learnt while starting to play guitar u guys have any easy songs i can tab out?
try IN BLOOM by NIRVANA its only like 7-8 power chords and its really easy to figure out.
Theory of a Deadman uses pretty easy progressions
Smashing Pumpkins
most of Nickelback's songs are easy to figure out
Skynyrd's songs are usually easy to figure out the rhythm parts
Live and Lit have song good ones
Hootie and the Blowfish
Hank Williams Jr has some good ones
3 Doors Down
Foo Fighters
Collective Soul
Better Than Ezra as some real good ones like A LIFETIME, DESPERATELY WANTING, GOOD

hope this helps you out
I need something played more clean
In bloom idonno too much distorition to compare it to my acoustic guitar and foo fighters i dont know