My mom works at a school in my town, and there has aways been talk of it being haunted. Many people have seen a ghost wlaking the halls, and in the basement.
Anyway, she has something she has to go get in the basement, and she wants me to go with her.

What should I do to hieghten the experience, capture it on tape?
Do you like anime/manga?
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u could send some one else down there before, and make them jump out and scare the living $h!t out of you're mom
i hate all those nasty pasty people

:stickpoke i like to poke people

the fighter pilot of the a7x army
You go in with the camera. ten bucks says you won't get anything at all.-Happy Thanksgiving (Canada)
Camilla Choads.
Bring your ghostbuster outfit. Just in case. Oh and get that jewish guy!
Bring a gun that'll show them ghosts!
"This one goes out to the crippled kids its called im still standing" seth putnam
Get a thermal camera It shows hot/cold spots

Good luck tho Dont get possessed lol