Happy thanksgiving! What do you guys eat over there now?
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Happy thanksgiving! What do you guys eat over there now?

I still remember the day my mum ate a venison burger without realising in Canada. Ahhh, good times.
Hey Meg.
Proud of you.
yay! i love thanksgiving, i had a dinner last night, and it was so damn good, just finished eating some leftovers.
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im going without thanksgiving this year.....i cant cook a turkey
just so i dont have to edit every post i make, let me clarify something I CANT TYPE WELL....thanks
I had roast beef yesterday for my thanksgiving. We have ours on Sunday.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Be cool.
I DIDNT EVEN GET TURKEY LAST NIGHT (which is when my family had our dinner)

I GOT GADE by my own ppl...

like...roast beef was alright, but its ****in turkey day

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I Got Pork Last Night, lol....But Turkey Today!! (thanksgiving for both sides of the family!)
Camilla Choads.
I dono, i don't usually celebrate thanksgiving. I guess everyone else eats a turkey I think. What is Thanksgiving about anyway? I know it's about thanks but why do you guys celebrate it? is it part of a religion?