Hey. What do you guys think is the easiest tab of all times, well except from 'smoke in the water' like an actual song that lasts up for like 3-4 mins. Seeing as I am still a beginner, what do you guys think is the tab for me?
isnt smoke on the water an actual song?

oh well...what about enter sandman by metallica?
or californication by rhcp
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if your a new guitarist, i would try Seven nation army, Come as you are, and Iron man.

play them slow at first then speed up
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nirvana - come as you are, all punk songs and stuff mentioned above.

And yeah, smoke on the water is a full song not just a 5 second riff!!

(its a great song with a kick ass solo at that)
alright is it? didn't know :P XD am trying to look for songs like wake me up when september ends - green day something like that...
imo, smells like teen spirit - nirvana
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how about wake me up when september ends lol umm no greendays easiest song ould prolly be basket case
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josie-blink 182

arguably the easiest song ever IMO. pretty good song too if you sing along
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how about smoke on the water (the actual song) hahaha
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