I've somewhat narrowed down what i'm looking for in a guitar, after playing a few and doing much research. Here it is...

- Mahogany body
- Rosewood fretboard
- Dot, Trapezoid, Block, and maybe Sharktooth inlays
- 24 frets (not important, just if possible)
- HSH, or HH configuration (possible coil tap)
- Normal thickness or larger (NOT like my S)
- NOT a Schecter (absolutely despise the shape)
- No locking bridge, I use dropped D at times and it can be a bitch.

Budget: $750, give or take a little if absolutely necessary.

Sound: A mix of hard rock, metal, and a touch of classic rock. Bands included would be Iron Maiden, Tool, AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Joe Satriani, Metallica, Pantera, Wolfmother, ect.

So im basically looking for something that'll get me that good rhythm chub, like Iron Maiden, and some good leads. I do not want EMG's though, im looking for a more organic sounds, probably Dimarzio's or SD's (upgraded later if not stock).
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Mahogany might not be too important, just anything that'll help me get a nice heavy chug.
I found some Gibson Exploreres on ebay for about $750-850, aren't they odd to play sitting down though?
They are Pretty decent All round. I havent had too much expericne with what they can do, but ive played em through some nice Amps ( i use an MG) and they sounded great.
I was thinking of getting an HSS strat and maybe making it HSH or keeping it HSS.

Can the neck single coil get a good lead tone?
Possible suggestions...

- Washburn X50PRO
- Gibson Les Paul Vintage (I hear these are pretty good)
- ESP LTD EC-400 SUNBURST MODEL (other colours comes with your fav EMGs )
- Ibanez IceMan 400
- Ibanez SZ520 (and upwards)
- ESP LTD H-1001 (This looks pretty sexy actually...)
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I found some Gibson Exploreres on ebay for about $750-850, aren't they odd to play sitting down though?


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Explorer looks nice, is it worth it to go Gibson because I was considering buying the Epi Korina and getting a couple nice EHX pedals.
True, I could always save up the $200-300 and get some sweet pedals for my Gibson, I can't really upgrade an Epi to a Gibson

They're going cheap on ebay, around $750-900 for nice ones.
if you can save another couple of hundred, maybe an rga121?

other than that, maybe an edwards if you're willing to import? they have a bunch of gibson-y models around the $800 mark (you'd need to be lucky and avoid customs though).
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I like the Explorer Idea, Ibanez' are nice, but for what you are looking I would go the Gibson route, the stock pickups are very nice, they pick up a lot, and are very good for metal... my uncle owns one, he uses it with a frontman 25r, and it still sounds awesome.

They are very easy to sit down with, they fit right over your leg... if you can get one in your price range that is in nice shape go for it...
well idk if this is any good, but i bought an ibanez ax 120 and its like tottaly amazing for the price like, i can play a huge minority of music on it, i went from playing some Red Hot Chili Peppers and then Disturbed so yea, its really diverse