My first song ever created with an electric guitar unpluged.
I forgot my cabels at my apartment when i traveled home to my parants on vacation.
The acoustic **** is writtn on a acoustic guitar though, except the leads.

Anyways. if you listen to the midi, the tempo change may be ****ed up.
The tapping may be ****ed aswell if you dont use RSE.
But if you use RSE the recorder and piano gets ****ed.
So dont use RSE, the changes in the tapping aretn that big.

hehe, lots of **** that gets ****ed up in midi.
It cant handel lots of slides and hammer-ons.

this song is awesome. the intro is my favorite part. the solo was perfect for the song. the chorus was good until u the F5, i think it sounds better as a just open, other than that little problem is think everything is excelent.

c4c? top one in my sig preferably.
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Pretty good man. The chorus is great, followed by that strong solo and a nice touch to the soft acoustic part. I don't like how you panned it out though, having one guitar on one side and the other on another side. Try panning like 3 on one and -3 on the other. I like your intro and your leads.

BTW, I uploaded the wrong tab. You heard the one without drums. If you want to go back and listen that's cool.
Thanks for the srit on my song

I loved this. The intro was great and had a really distinct feel to it. The soloing fit in perfectly with the rest of the song. One thing I'd suggest is to make the drums a little more structured and solid. It seems like they're everywhere. The acoustic worked very well at the beginning and end. I't was a very catchy piece overall, and also very original. There's not too many negative things I can say about this, but maybe some small touch-ups everywhere would make it more finished. Overall, I'd give it an 8/10.

Man, I love this. It's so unique. The acoustic parts are great. The PreVerse unexpected but rockin'. Really odd timing in the verse, but it works. For some reason, this reallllly reminds me of the old video game Goldenaxe, lol, forget that if it makes no sense to you. Overall 8.25/10
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Great original Song here, The Recorder is unbelievable I love it lol!. Slides are always a treat in songs. You used plenty so thats a major plus. The Rhythm its self just keeps the listener interested so great job!. Theres nothing you can do to improve this song. Well theres nothing I can think you can do without messing up your creativity. It must of been a pain tabbing out those slides. The Tapping is ****ing Sweeet!, Just way too cool dude. hehe During the solo you really let your guitar sing lol. 9/10 , c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=858415
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