we're a hardcore/screamo band. the recordings are a little rough but they're decent.
i play guitar and do the backing screams... yeah i'm aware i'm better than the lead screamer. lol.

theres also an acoustic song up on there featuring a man named Jonny Vee, who's pretty famous in this area so it's cool to have him in there.

constructive criticism please!

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a new singer is needed, and you need better quality for the recordings. you also lack some in originality.

that is my two cents.

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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
wow umm im into metalcore/sccreamo/hardcore bands and trust alot of people say i have a weird taste in music and even what you guys are doing is wayyy out there its like heavyheavylowlow but with dying cats involved and your mic is a disaster and its louder than the freaking drums! like come the **** on spend some money and do like one song in a studio and you need to practise WAYYYYY more to even make it into the music i like
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oh... I didn't like either sorry, you guys sound like crap... Sorry
well... it was kinda funny the son about the duck boo and feeding him biscuits cause you like to save your triscuts but thats about all that was good.... um practice a lot more.... and kick the ****ing singer out and get someone who can actually sing!
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The rest of the album is brilliant but that one song just really gets right on my tits for some reason