I own a Epiphone Custom with 3 Alnico II pickups but im not satisfied with its sound so i was thinking about getting 2 gibson 57' pickups for the neck and middle and a 57' plus for the bridge, is that a good idea?...would any other pickups get me better sound?...i know it depends a lot on the music style you play and ive been reading reviews for the 57's pickups and so far it sounds like they would suit my style....i just wanna know if its worth getting them....or if you recommend any other pickups...thank you

Change the pickups if you feel the need, as long as you know it still will not sound identical to its Gibson counterpart. It can improve the guitar tremendously.
joeymaxx...i play hard rock and blues...and i seriously dont know the difference if they are a nice chrome or not...i dont know...but why the question anyway?