hey, just looking for some recommendations on some beginner to intermediate classical songs. i can play etude in em by tarrega, fur elise, adelita by tarrega, and the beginning to leyenda by albeniz, but i lose it when it starts with the triplets. so songs around this level would be great. thanks
not strictly classical but has parts of classical songs in it and is a good finger exercise

classico by tenacious d
Being able to 'play' certain pieces doesn't mean that you're attempting pieces at a correct level. Don't take this as an attempt to put you down. Many players might be able to play tough pieces but without much musicality. Choose something comfortable that allows you to push your level and to show your mastery over.

Adelita isn't a low grade piece for a reason, make it sound good rather than just play the 'right notes at the right timing'. Sor studies are great, search for them online, they're readily available.
^Good point, but technique building is just as important as musicality IMO. Not to say that you should practice one at the exclusion of the other, but bearing both in mind is pretty important for growth. Just my thoughts *shrug*

Check out Bach's Bouree in Em
well thanks for the thoughts guys, though not exactly what i was hoping for hahah. i will check out some of Sor's studies. and i actually can already play bouree in em hahah, forgot to add it on there. or atleast the first part, i should check out the rest of the piece for sure.
In case you didn't check out the rest of Fur Elise instead of just the main theme in Em. It's the rest that gives you a challenge.

Sor and Giuliani is enough to keep anyone busy, right from beginner levels to concert-level pieces.