Hey Guys, check out my band Streamline Soldiers. We're a power trio and only been going for a few weeks but managed to write and record a song.
Please comment and give feedback. If you like it please add us on myspace, we need all the support we can get, thanks.

Streamline Soldiers
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Thanks for the comment altgrunge, yeh we kind of base our selfs on catchy simple stuff, we're going to get a better recording up soon of that and another song
thanks for the add, the bassist/singer in our band runs the myspace and that so I'll tell him about as soon as he comes online
hey ssslash didnt know u had posted one on this !
haha if you look like 5 items up the page theres mine (which is a bettta post as i used the link :P )
n thanks altgrunge , succesfully added !
Im listening as we speak and its sound really good.
I agree with the guy who said your very reminiscent of the Offspring. Grungey punk, and I like it. I'll add you and keep an eye for when you get some more recordings up