So the other day I noticed there was only one screw left holding my input jack in, and the next day the input jack completely fell out. I found some more screws this morning and screwed them in but after I plugged my guitar into my amp, all I'm getting is a loud buzzing noise. Any suggestions on how to fix it. It's a B.C. Rich Warlock if that helps.
I have another guitar so it won't kill me not to be able to fix it but it was a gift...
That's what I thought too, only things is I can't tell what's loose. I have it opened up right now, and I don't see anything.

Edit- Actually just found it, but I don't have a soldering iron...
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Nah they're all bastards who'll charge me 50 bucks to do it. Maybe a piece of electrical tape? Cause right now me holding them together is working.

Hmm... I'm sure I have a friend who has one... Thanks for the small amount of help guys. Post closed?
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Electrical tape will work. It's not preferable. Just make sure you tape it really tight so it doesn't end up getting loose.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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