what is the difference between the two. i think of them as the same thing. someone please clear this up for me.

oh and i have a feelign that is question has come up alot and i know someone is going to tell me to "use the search bar, its my friend" or something of the sort. just throwing it out there that ive been doing that and i answered alot of my questions using it. this is the only one i cant find.
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Overdrive is often confused with distortion due to a similar "kind" of sound.. but overdrive re-creates the natural warm sound of a vintage tube amp that is being "overdriven" or is breaking up. when a tube amps volume is pushed beyond its capacity, they "break up" and begin to sound crunchy and distorted, the resulting sound is overdrive.
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Distortion -
Distortion is what makes metal, rock, punk, grunge, etc... sound the way it does. you know what i mean, the crunchy riffs the screeming pinch harmonics and solos , that dirty ass bone crunching sound of death and pain marching across the land AAAARRRGGHHHH!!! that my friend, is distortion. Distortion is, sound wise anyways, a very extreme version of overdrive. That?s why a lot people think they're hearing distortion when they hear overdrive.>/br> Distortion cuts off the extreme high and low frequencies. In other words, it eliminates the highest highs and lowest lows, creating a distortion effect. distortion ranges from mild to ball shattering in intensity and thickness.
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