very basic.. and it was 5 years ago in like 99-2000.. and it was for my 7th grade technology class...

if i recall right.. its easy as hell.
then do it. nothing to risk if u can do it. get the components. get'em in and fire it up.
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haha thanks i was pretty sure i was going to..

hey man, you seem to be pretty smart in this field.. would i be able to mod out my Boss pedals?
hmmm.. while searchin the net i began to wonder.

its possible to put a set of knobs (say tone/volume) outside of the wah.. for further control?
Boss are usually not the easiet to mod. WHat pedals do you have?

Some of the more popular Boss pedals for modding are...
Then some of the DDs
And I think the original Chorus
Yep you can have external controls for mid boost, volume boost, gain/bass boost, switch for overall tone shaping (sweep cap), a pot for vocalness and a switch to turn the wah into a volume pedal.
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can i get a link for those external knobs?

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then i also own a Elecrto-Harmonix Tube Zipper and a Boss RC-20XL Loop Station