So me and my drummer used to be the main composers for my band but the truth is we never did anything that we could call "great".

So I was wondering if someone (one or more people) could help us out by composing a couple songs, of course the composer would get all the credit for the composition plus royalities (in case we include it for a EP or album).

By the way, we are a punk/rock band and we have a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and a vocalist.
Step 1 : Sit down with the songs/albums you want to sound like, and analyse them.
If you want to get good at composing, you need to practice. I have this notebook from high school labeled "Lyrics". You know how many good lines are in it? Ten, maybe twenty. Fast forward to the present, and I've got decent stuff in my notebooks. I'll be more than happy to look lyrics over for you ( queenofthenight@blazemail.com or PM me- I don't always have time to wade thru the S&L forum), but I think this is something you need to work through yourself. Start with identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Then take blue_strat's advice. Figure out what it is about the music you like that appeals to you and apply it to your own work. One of the big things for me was to realize that (class deadlines aside) it's OK to let a piece sit for a while rather than forcing it. Another big thing was giving myself permission to rewrite the damn thing if it sucked or the pieces just didn't fit right. You may have a great verse and a great chorus but they sound like two different songs. That's OK. Make them two different songs. Give yourself permission to fail. Even if a given song doesn't work, it still has a lesson to teach you. The last big thing is to believe in yourself. Believe that you can learn to write good music. Don't get locked into a self fulfilling prophecy.
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^ pretty much dead on there bro. i prolly wrote 60 just abso-f#cking-lutely awful songs (by write i mean, intro, verse, chorus, bridge, breakdown, outros etc + lyrics) in a 2 year span before they started getting better. eventually you'll start to get a feel for what sounds good. other than that. shame on you for asking someone else to write your music. nightwind said it best when he said "go over to your guitar and apologize to it"

thanks a lot for the tips !
I think you're right, I will try practising a lot more and write the music by myself. I think i just got desperate cuz all my previous work sucked balls.
^ dont get down if yer future work sucks balls either. just keep going and keep going. eventually you're gonna write something and you'll say to yourself "thats f#ckin' golden"
doubt he will read it but i'd just like to say thanx to queenofthenight. he comment helped me heaps. i used to be pumping out the songs but lately i'v been rejecting everything i write as not good enough.
but this has really helped.
I'm pretty bad at making up original stuff, so I just sit down and fool around for an hour or two. Within that time I'll usually come up with 2 or 3 awesome riffs, and then ill just build a song around it.
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