I have to work with two other kids in my class to play an acoustic trio.

Here's the kicker: it has to mainly consist of chords A D G A7 G7 C, and we all have to sing, whether simultaneously or we each take a verse, etc. (so an easy chordal song is preferred)

So my question, UG, is what song should we play?
it's supposed to be a cover song or you're creating one?
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why does it have to use those chords?
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I've been playing for 4 years, and at my school it's a requirement to take Guitar 1 before any of the more advanced classes. I can play better than the teacher WTF? who has been playing for less time than I have. I see the class as an opportunity to learn theory and reading standard notation.

I prefer it to be a cover, but we can make our own song if we have to.
if you can do a few more chords tuesdays gone would prolly sound sick and its mainly A E Gflat/Fsharp and D, and if ur any good the leads are simple
Where do u go to school?
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Maybe the White Stripe's song Effect and Cause. It has a D in it, but otherwise, its one of the simplest songs i kno. Or maybe SuperTramp's Give a Little Bit. that has a D chord in it, and u need a capo. but at least alot of ppl kno what it is.
do you have to use all of the chords?? does it have to be an actual song written by some on?
No, it doesn't have to use all of the chords. It can be a two-chord jam even, lol. Sorry for my vagueness.
Look into Jimmy Buffet. A lot of his songs fit those criteria quite nicely.
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