Been awhile since I posted a song on here. I've already recorded a version of this song and you can hear it on my dmusic page (http://solarmoo900.dmusic.com/). ive changed the lyrics slightly since recording it and I think I screwed up on the guitar a bit. So thanks beforehand for the reviews and crits

Memories pass through my head
And I wonder if they'll pass through yours
Lying in my bed at night
wondering how to make you mine, again
Living a dream that its still you and me
And I dont ever want to wake up

When I think about you I feel this way
Because I never wanted to let it die and
I just want you to know, how you changed my life
And I want you to feel this way
just incase, I never get my chance
to say goodbye

Holding on to all that I have
In Love Notes, and Photographs
Remembering the times that we had
The laughs, the tears, the good and the bad
From the start to the end you became my friend
And now I dont know what

[Repeat Chorus]

When you're gone and forget about me
I'll be sitting here, sitting here still thinking
How I messed up with you
And how i'll never get my chance to say

[Repeat Chorus] X2
could do with a few commas perhaps?

it's not too bad if this type of thing tenses you up, but it doesn't really tense me up too much...

i didn't really like "the good and the bad".. i mean, you didn't really thrive on vocabulary throughout, but that's just plain lazy.. surely u could think of something a little more interesting than that.

this isn't bad though. cool work

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