ok i have been playin guitar for almost 3 years and i use my crappy peavey rage for a pracitce amp its alright but i need better to practice with my friend offered to give me his roland cube 15 for it and it sounded pretty good i guess i play metal, classical, clues, jazz, flamanco and all sorts of styles so is this amp worth trading my peavey for

or should i save up some money sell my peavey and buy a better practice amp
ug's cool so i guess im cool to

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Cubes are awesome. as far as versatility goes, its the best practise amp for the price. o
If you don't play metal the Peavey is better. Plus the Peavey's cleans are better (warmer, less sterile) and I would bet it will last longer. I'd just get a distortion pedal and run the Rage on the clean setting.
i have a cube 30, and for what styles i play (metal, classic rock) i wouldn't trade it for any other amp in the price range.
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problem is the cube 15 doesn't have the amp models... i'd consider the microcube. the rage is probably worth a look too, but i haven't tried it.
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