Perhaps this would be better suited in the metal rec thread, but whatever...

Earlier in the week I found out Vader (with Cattle Decapitation) was playing a show near me in Dec 2, and I immediately decided I was going to go...
But yesterday I heard Municipal Waste (with Suicidal Tendencies) is playing a show on the same day.

I'm sort of leaning towards Municipal Waste, since I hear they put on a great live show, but I'm more of death metal fan than a thrash metal fan.

Opinions? And if you've seen either of these bands live, what were they like?
I'd personally go for Municipal Waste, especially if they're with Suicidal Tendencies
basically because I've already seen Vader live at Tuska Festival, they were great tho!

and I'm in a thrash mood atm!
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I dislike Vader, and Cattle Decapitation aren't reason enough to miss out on Municipal Waste or Suicidal Tendencies. Go for it
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municipal waste is so fun live. Vader is amazing but I dunno, check out municipal waste if you have never seen them before.
I'd go see Cattle Decapitation, and Vader > Municipal Waste
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...yeah go to Waste.
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Punk show or metal show? I'll take the punk show. MW and ST for the epic win.
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Waste is awesome live. Go. You will have a blast.

I went to one last year with GWAR and they had a chicken wizard mascot.
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Municipal Waste doesnt even come close to Vader live.
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Vader,Municipal Waste may have good live energy, but i find their music pretty lacking.Vader is just an all around great thing.
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If you like Death more than Thrash, then see Vader.

I'd still go to see Municipal Waste though since I'm not a fan of C.D.
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