ok so about 3 weeks ago I purchased my titan v-12 amp head. About a week after it started making everything sound distorted sometimes. I thought maybe it was the bass I used. But now the signal is distorted all the time. I tried using different basses and tried a different head on the cab. I've turned the gain down, and tried everything I could to defeat what could be user error.

Nothing seems to be working. Now I know there are tubes in it, but I have never dealt with tubes before. Is this a sign that the tubes are going bad, or is this a bigger problem and should I take it back to my mesa dealer?

The distortion sounds more like an overdrive. Kind of like I'm sending line level into mic level. Its also most apparent on the higher notes.

First of all, nice amp. Now onto your problem:


Depending on the channel, push the knob in to shut off overdrive.
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How hard are you pushing the amp (volume wise), when its making this noise?
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Thanks guys but it ended up being that something blew inside. When the guy at the shop opened up the amp there was a liquid that shot up, and apparently some capsule blew, no idea what it was though.