Basically, since now you can buy EVH guitars like mine, I've decided to change the look. I'm thinking of going for something Iron Maiden or Mick Mars influenced. Heres what I've got now:

Charvel CX391
White Basswood Body
Black HSH pickguard
1 Volume, 1 Tone, 1 5 Way Switch
Swimming Pool Route
22 Frets
Rosewood fretboard
Plastic Dot Inlays
Charvel "eagle" headstock (think a sawed out Strathead).

Now if I did it out Iron Maiden-style, heres what it would be:

Bridge PU: DiMarzio Super Distortion
Middle: DiMarzio Half Track 2
Neck: DiMarzio Distortion

If I went Mick Mars...

Minor Aging added to the body
Bridge: Seymour Duncan Custom 5
Middle: Duncan 5-2 Single Coil
Neck: Seymour Duncan '59

So, any other ideas?
pics of it currently?
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Quote by Punk_Ninja
I'd make it good for both and if you age the body let it go naturally I wouldnt **** with a Charvel too much.

Its a cheap one, with next to no value, hence why I did it.

pics of it currently?

I don't have one of it atm, but heres how it looks stock:

Same color as the top one, but with the pickups of the middle one.

Mines basically the same, with a beat up pickguard and some minor marks and dings in it from the previous owner.
For those that care, I ended up putting in a DiMarzio Tone Zone and leaving the other slots open. When I took the old black paint off it brought some flaws to light, so I ended up not adding any aging. I should get pics tomorrow.
Ooh, so you have like. . .a tone zone in the birdge then two open holes in your pickguard?

I'd highly suggest fixing that quick with new pickups or a new pickguard cos a more 'whole' looking guitar is always better