Can anyone point me in to the right directon for cheap golden plated parts?

These are what I need.

Gold-plated metal knobs.
Gold-Plated 6-hole traditional tremelo
Gold-plated EMG pickup rings.
gold-plated machine heads.

As you can tell I really like shiny guitar parts so.. can anyone help me out with a website or something? I've been googling it and nothing to my liking.
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try WDmusic.com or Stewmac.com or Warmoth.com. i think Warmoth is more expensive, but will have the Trem if none of the others do.
Quote by SG thrasher
Get expensive ones so that the gold doesn't come off and look awful.

+1 All the gold on the parts on my Washburn is coming off, now i have gold, silver, and weird bubbly chrome