I just started playing guitar and I have been playing for around 2 weeks now... I know how to read tab's and know a few chords.. I am looking for some simple songs that i can learn off of. I have already learned wish you were here - pink floyd.. any other suggestions?

Johnny cash are nice for simple chord progression.
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if you have learned it and can play it properly - your doin well. Most people take a little while for the chords. Learn other similar type songs, some rolling stones have nice acoustic songs. Angie, wild horses etc - they use basic chords and add a few more in. Perhaps try some fingerpicking songs aswell, there is a thread with lots of songs and difficulty levels, its a sticky in this section.
I thin Brain Damage would be a good song to learn. Also by Pink Floyd. Maybe try Another Brick in the Wall. Some RHCP songs like Wet Sand have an easy chord progression and a decently easy solo.
Thanks everybody : ) this will probably get me threw another few weeks. if you think of anymore please share more also! since I started playing my guitar is always in my hands =]