Honestly, i think that old scary movies are scarier then new ones. Aside from the monsters looking really fake, they just knew how to scare you better, and they actually had storylines that were interesting.
But Dad, Nick Cannon is hilarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrious
its true i saw cannibal holocaust and it was just sick. it truly disturbed me especially the real scenes of the animals being killed.
Old skool Horror movies are way better mainly because gore is not scary. Not knowing and subsituting your own fears for things is scary.
the older films had the atmosphere, the music was creepy. the new films may have more gore, but everyone's de-sensitised to it
I always turn to asian films for my horror fix now. They seem a hell of a lot more genuine than this special-effects driven crap Hollywood keeps churning out. Old and New, go East my friends, go East!
i like the romero zombie films but i guess they released "flight of the dead" as a straight to dvd i dunno. I prefer older horror films than new **** like hostel how was that scary or hills have eyes
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yea new horror movies suck completely. They just try and throw as much at you instead of messing with you psychologically.
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i agree. modern horror movies usually have crappy story lines, or just ruin good ones when they are remakes... they tend to focus more on the gore aspect than on trying to scare people
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Well all I can think of that I like that's new is Dawn of the Dead. Wasn't that scary, just cool.

But older horrow movies I definitely think are scarier. All these new movies do all this cheap scare crap where things jump out at you suddenly. It's stupid.
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I'm not a fan of horror, but old movies and TV really beats modern day in most genres.
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I find that word so offensive! How can these people just go through the back catalogue of past greats, stick some misguided "hip" young teens in them with annoying voices and big tits and hope to create a masterpiece. Don't fix what ain't broke!

It really shocked me the amount of people that didn't realise The Hills Have Eyes was a remake. Not Craven's best film, but I wish they would just come up with their own ideas. I heard they were thinking of remaking Battle Royale?? If so, there will be blood. Oh yes, there will be blood.
Yeah, old horror had more atmosphere.
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I prefer old horror, give me a Romero film anyday. But are older horror films scarier? No. We've gotten used to scary films in general. We crave to see a film which will scare us ****less, but no film can live up to that expectation, so we deem new horror films 'not scary', where as back in the 60's and 70's slasher films and horror films were a new thing; people had never seen mutilation or murder quite like that, which scared people. Nowadays, these types of a film are nothing new, nothing groundbreaking, and of course nothing scary.
If you were to watch a newer horror film, say the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning way back in 1977 before the original was released, you would **** your pants. Literally. There is much more gore, the video is much sharper and it is far more brutal. If you were to compare the films 'The Beginning' would be much scarier.
And this is coming from a big horror fan. As said before, I prefer older horror films, and like many others I prefer the old Chainsaw Massacre to the new ones, and deserves it's place on my shelf. I also think most modern horror and so-called 'Remakes' are poor, but if were released at the time of the originals, they would be much scarier.

Edit: 7DaySkeptik - I think they scrapped the idea of 'remaking' Battle Royale. They were going to use adults for **** sake! Can you believe that?