hey, ive been trying to do/make up some tight solos but i really suck at em. so if anyone knows any awesome solos that a guy that's been playing for a year can do? i'd really appreciate it! i'm trying to rite some songs for my band and i really need a solo!
what solos can you already play? so we can get a rough idea of your level. To make them up - you need to know your scales all over the neck and in different keys.........they will fly at you after that.
Maybe the Solo from The End has no End by the Strokes. The solo from Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult isnt too difficult, and it sounds awesome. And the No One Knows solo if u can do hammer-ons and pull-offs.
Your a Chili's man (big thumbs up) try some dani california! fun solo!
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Your a Chili's man (big thumbs up) try some dani california! fun solo!

i agree, but the end part you need a wah pedal. otherwise, it's fun and easy. try the powertab, it'll show you exactly how to play it.

i'm gonna go try don't fear the reaper right now, i'll be back
well i can do hammerons/pulloffs and i can kinda play the solo for dani california, but what are some good kool scales?
Learn the minor and major pentonic scales if you want scales, and Stairway to Heaven for an easy solo.
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Limelight by Rush isn't too hard, and the Heartbreaker solo is intimidating when you hear it, but it is not really that hard...