Here are the requirements for the school I'd like to go to. I have the last two requirements covered. I just need some suggestions for two songs in contrasting style and what exactly a "chord melody solo guitar selection" is.

Guitar (Contemporary): Applicants will be expected to demonstrate the following skills:

* Perform two pieces of contrasting styles (e.g. ballad, up-tempo). One must be a chord melody solo guitar selection; the other may be a standard jazz repertoire selection where the applicant states the melody, a chorus(s) of improvisation and comping. At the audition, a guitar faculty member will be available to perform with the applicant; otherwise, background tracks on CD or cassette tape are also acceptable. Either selection may include a chorus(s) of improvisation. Memorization is preferred.
* Technical Skills - Scales: two octaves for all twelve keys of major scales and harmonic minor. Arpeggios: two octaves of triads (major, minor, augmented and diminished), four note seventh chords-major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th. Chords: at least three different voicings of the following types of chords-major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th, minor 7b5.
* Sight-reading in standard notation will be presented during the audition. Material may cover up to and include the fifth position with key signatures containing up to three sharps or flats. This is intended for placement purposes and should not discourage the applicant from auditioning.
Yeah, I was thinking something by Petrucci or Paul Gilbert. That's the kind of stuff I usually play. Then maybe a jazz song. I'm learning Pasta Blues by Joe Pass right now. I'm just not quite sure what a chord melody solo guitar selection is.
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