Singing rhythm was wrong. The stuff where you tried overdubbing the voice or whatever it was supposed to be in the first verse sounded bad. I think if you had one voice at a time and with the correct rhythm it could be alright.
Yeah, I sort of realized after everything was all said and done that the beginning harmonies are pretty sketchy, rhythmically. As far as the rhythm of the rest of the vocals, it wasn't really a concern for me. I definitely took some liberties with changing the song.

I'm kinda curious about how it sounds not relative to the original version. If I could get a little feedback about the guitar work, vocal work, etc, that would be awesome.
I've never heard the song before, but it did sound good. The vocals were great.

Also enjoyed your stone temple pilots cover
Okay then. The guitar work seemed pretty solid, and was balanced well with the vocals. I actually really did like your voice, but the rhythm made it a bit hard to really enjoy (and the harmonies I said about before). I think the fact that I know the original pretty well makes me a hard person to please as well so don't take it too badly, it was still a good performance.
Yeah, I'm a huge fan of both Vedder and Cornell, but I hadn't really listened to Hunger Strike a whole lot. I just basically learned the main riffs and melodies and took off with it. I could see how it would definitely bug someone who's heard the song a million times, especially since it wasn't a total and complete departure from the original.

Thanks for the comments guys, I really appreciate it.
Great grungey sound in the vocals. Other than a few flaws in the singing rhythm, this is a pretty cool cover.

I liked your "Don't Follow" cover, too. Alice in Chains =
Thanks bro, I was probably most satisfied with how Don't Follow turned out. I love AiC, and I'm kinda thinkin about doing another one of theirs next.
I am not too familiar with the song or the band but this sounded good, man. Nice vocals and nice playing. Maybe I would not do the backing vocals, just sing solo.
A sloid effeort on a tough song for vocals. Has some pitch problems with the vocals in places but I enjoyed listening. You may try playing the vocal melody lines on your guitar and following them with your voice, that helps me alot. Nice job.