im going to college next year and i have to start making some desicions.

I need some help,

i enjoy workingwith computers

ive got a distinction so far in my ict coursework this year, (equvilent to A A A* A*)

i doing big projects on the computer,

i need someone whos done it, who knows how difficult it is, if its as good as they make it out to be?

and what do you actually do?
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Im in my 3rd year at university doing software technology. If u enjoy programing and making little games etc its fun. Its difficult and the projects are pretty full on but its worth it. What i actually do is get a scenario (something like 'mr x wants a system that must do this, this, this and that') then you have to plan, design and code it to suit the needs. The documentation is the difficult part - algorithms, methods, pseudocode etc etc. Its fun tho(well for me).
I did the systems support one and I can honestly say, it's piss easy, it's a bit boring, but you get 3 Alevels for it and a 4th for whatever they fill your timetable up with & I got a CCNA with it to.
Go for it, it's well worth it.
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