Hey guys, I have a roommate that likes to play my guitar alot and every time he uses it it seems like he puts some crazy tuning on it, 2steps down or something. its always something different. I was wondering if this will cause any problems with the guitar because I know thats a lot of stress for the guitar to go through...any help would be appreciated.
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And no, though his strings will wear slightly quicker. Possibly truss rod but that's take a REALLY long time, too long to worry about.

Tip though : When he re-tunes it, tell him to do it slowly, as changing tunings too fast can put stress on the strings.
tell the asswipe to stop changing the tuning or you'll stick that headstock where the sun don't shine. i'm happy for my friends to play my guitar but they had better keep it the way i have it or just not play it. my friend who knew nothing about guitar used to always line the tuning pegs up, so annoying
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perhaps properly stretch your strings , by pulling them outward from the fret on the fret board several times then retuning that way, you put less stress on the guitar, by the way you can play other tuning songs in your desired tuning if you change the notes for the same sound, easy to do with guitar pro

he is probally tuning to Drop-C, although I go lower to Drop-B over time constantly tuning from C to Regular is quite wear and tear and will shorten your lifespan,even lessen the span of the tunner pegs on your guitar

tell him get your own guitar