Hey everyone! I’m new here. I was hoping if anyone here could help me determine the identity another mystery electric guitar for me. Take a close look at these couple of pics-

Washburn Guitar? (1)
Washburn Guitar? (2)

Do you have any idea what brand/model that guitar is? I can’t tell by the insignia on the headstock. It can’t be an Ibanez or PRS, because I own a few. And it can’t be an ESP, Kramer, or Fernandes.

I’ve been told that it’s a Washburn from the late 80s / early 90s. But I can’t find any pictures of Washburn models from that time.

Could someone take the time to assist me in finding out what kind of electric guitar that is? Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!
Sod the guitars...who's the bird???
Actually called Mark!

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...it's a seagull

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i wanna see a clip of a recto buying some groceries.

those arent guitars that u were beating off to

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Is it just my computer, or are there no actual guitars in any of the links?

That's what I was thinking.

In answer to the other question I'm 95% sure that the red head is Kate Winslate as for the other she looks familiar, but I don't have a clue who she is.

and in answer to TS question if you actually post a link to the guitars that mght help lol
The first "guitar" IS kate winslett

The second "guitar" looks like Felicity Shagwell from Austin Powers 2, but probably isn't.