Hey everybody, I need some help. I have started playing keyboard at a friends house, learning a few chords, some scales, and I like it. I am gonna need my own, so I decided to buy one. My price range is 50-150, I'd prefer lower though. I've looked and all, I just don't know what's good and what isn't. I've looked here


and some here


They all look the same to me, I have no idea which one to get! What's a good beginner keyboard? Or how can I better tell the difference between all of those? I will be playing any type of music with it, rock, jazz, blues, classical, funk, etc.

for beginners keyboard, i would recomend a Casio model. simply because, its a good deal, it plays well, tons of features. and it will last you a good 4-5 years

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I got a real old Casio, don't know much about it though. I really only know where the notes are and work off of it. Fun though, I'm alright for a n00b. Have fun with it!