Feeling like learning some new tunes. Anyone want to recommend me some good death/progressive/metal/thrash...whatever, songs with interesting bass lines? Thanks alot. I already know alot of atheist,necrophagist,death.
Tool has some simple and interesting bass lines. go play some tool.

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Pantera, Rex Brown rules.

Oh yes. But to be honest he's not doing anything that special with Pantera. I mean he fills up the sound nicely and has like... the best metal tone ever, but still pretty mediocre playing. Rebel Meets Rebel and Down is where it's at! (although Down's latest album is the biggest disappointment of 2007 for me )
Disagree, on the old pantera albums he was so tight with Vinnie. Yea, I heard that new Down album isnt the best. Thats too bad, I was pulling for those dudes.
I would have to agree wit the rest of you guys Rex is the best! even Cowboys From Hell is a good one.
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lamb of god
the black dahlia murder
shadow fall
children of bodom
arch enemy
dimmu borgir
job for a cowboy
as blood runs black
norma jean
The Art of Shredding - Pantera.

Don't be discouraged by the intro
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Have a look at a lot of Pantera, This Love is a particularly good song. Rex Brown has some interesting lines and sometimes they're walking basslines under Dimebag.
Some opeth songs have some good bass lines
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Some opeth songs have some good bass lines

To Bid You Farewell is excellent