Ibanez is your friend
S470 is a fantastic guitar

only get the schecter if you're used to baseball bat necks.
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I have a C1 Classic. The thing is absolutely amazing. I tried out other Ibanez's and didn't like the feel of them. The Schecter felt perfect for me. It sounds beautiful and can play almost any tone you can think of.

But that's just my tastes. Try them out for yourself and see what you like.
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Both are good guitars. Main differences: Ibanez has the trem which could be a pro or con for you, the Schecter has good stock pickups. If you get the 470 you will be upgrading the pickups as the stock ones are just bareable. It's a tough choice.
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They're both amazing, if I had to chose, I'd go with the Classic just because I'm not very big on floating trems.

It's up to you really.
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ive tried both at the store the other day

i really like both though
but i like the feel of s470 cuz it was lighter and faster neck but i really like neck joint of schecter and better pick-up but thats replacable
I would get a C-1 Elite/Plus and then use the extra cash to upgrade the pickups.

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Ibanez, your fretting hand will thank you for the good neck...
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If you never used a floating bridge before, the S470 will be a pain in the ass. Me, I would get the 470, because it's a fun guitar to play assuming you know how to maintain the bridge.
i never had a floating trem before but i ocasionally play metal i think its a plus