On a 24 fret guitar, is been able to play up to the 24th fret cleanly something that should be easy?

It took me ages to actually be able to play there. Does this make me a total noob?
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On a 24 fret guitar, is been able to play up to the 24th fret cleanly something that should be easy?

It took me ages to actually be able to play there. Does this make me a total noob?

depending on the guitar, upper fret access might make playing there cleanly an issue.

also if the guitar has lower frets it can be harder to get the note to sound out cleanly,

not to mention that the scale length may mean that the fret simply isn't wide enough to accommodate your finger.

there are a few reasons why this wouldnt be easy so don't feel too bad about struggling to play up there
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there are worse things in life than not being able to play on the twenty-fourth fret. get better at the rest of the guitar. Nobody looks at Steve Vai and says. WOW!! LOOK AT HIM PLAY THAT 24th FRET!!!
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i have 24 frets...but i cant acually reach my hand into the guitar enough except to reach the 22nd fret
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Ive got 24 frets and can barely reach then. My neck is a bolt-on. It's easier if there neck-thru or set-neck.
depends on the neck joint... some bolt-ons have all-access neck joints (AANJ's), which can help upper fret access. obviously practice won't hurt either.
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I have slight problems reaching the upper frets on my Les Paul, but I can usually get up to 22 on the b and e strings, possibly the G too, although it's much easier to hit the F on the b string. I'm learning Glasgow Kiss at the moment, and while I can only play it at around 170ish instead of 207, going up to the 22nd fret isn't that bad. However, I used to be horrible at hitting the higher frets, even on my SG. Now, it's not as bad... The Les Paul has lower higher fret reach than the SG, but I can get up to the 22nd pretty easily.. What I'm trying to say I guess, is it just takes practice. Mess around with the high e and b for a while, then once you get those higher frets fretted easily, you should be able to go to lower strings, and indirectly, you'll be able to hit the 19/20 frets on lower strings easier if you become comfortable with the highest ones on higher strings...

Sorry, kind of rambling, just practice.
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