So I have a MIM Fender strat with a hot rail in the bridge. My band just played the whisky a go go and my guitar went out after the 2nd song. I need to fix it by sunday to play our next show, so here is my guitars history

i put the hot rail in myself a few months ago and its been working fine
my volume pot has been a bit loose, and i procrastinate on tightening it
i use my volume knob frequently and its loose

heres what ive done to fix it:
i opened my guitar and found a wire that goes from the pup selector to the volume knob, it was disconnected from the volume knob. I resoldered and it still didnt work. I replaced the wire, still not. I also changed the output jack and still didnt.
Is there a way to troubleshoot it without having to completely rewire my pickguard? Like, to see if its one of my pots or not? Any thoughts on what to try?
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