Im looking for a decent amp around 400-500 dollars. I play metal like decapitated, all shall perish, cannibal corpse, behemoth, children of bodom, and lamb of god. id like a half stack. id also prefer around 75 watts or higher.
esp ltd ec 100qm
epiphone valve junior head
epiphone g-310 with emg 81/85
Half Stacks in that price range tend to have something in common.

They sound like absolute crap.

Don't be afraid of a tube combo. They are plenty ****ing loud.

My suggestions:
B-52 AT112
Randall RG50TC
Some of the Randall solid states are pretty decent for metal but not much else.
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Save up more money, you're asking for a lot, and not spending much. Save at least up to $800, and find a used 6505.
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is the Randall RG75G3 any good???
or what about the Randall RX120DHS???
esp ltd ec 100qm
epiphone valve junior head
epiphone g-310 with emg 81/85
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If you can find a really good cab cheap (It can happen) got a half stack. If not get a combo. I would suggest a used 5150/6505 though.
Save up some more and get the Randall RG50TC. You don't need a half stack or 75 watts when you get a real tube amp.
Hit eBay definitely for the best prices. what i cant help but wonder though, is do you need a new amp or some good taste in music?
try b52
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