Hi everyone,

Im extreamly interested in this "t-cophony" artist and have been for a while, particularly with this song where he uses 2 capos. This is the one i mean:


Iv been researching this method and have spend several weeks trying to find a solution to how this technique works and how hes actually producing this sound, but iv found nothing. I know UG is full to the brim with talented and knowlegable guitarists, so iv come here to see if i can finally shed light on this. The tuning, the capos, everything is a mystery, and iv spent too much time on this project to give up. So can ANYONE help me?

Before you start suggesting ideas take a good look at the playing and you'll see at some point in the song he uses every string on the guitar on each side of the higher capo, which means that it cant be convering only a few strings. Another suggestion was that the upper capo wasnt fitted propely providing harmonics. Again this is untrue, i have tried and it doesnt work. So far every response iv recived has failed to crack whats actually happening in this pice of music. Somehow hes doing it, and iv spend to long working on this to give up now.

link not working...
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He's probably using partial capos.

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I searched the name of the guy on youtube, quite good guitarrist, he plays a style that had never interested me :P


Edit: what i said that it quite obvious, is an stupidity, i saw the video again
so then i have to guess that he has partial capo's

To the guy that put the message, it's quite obvious what he is doing....

He has "2" guitars in one, what i mean, when he plays <--- of the capo of the left, he is playing like having a capo in that fret.

Then when he plays between the 2 capo's he is using it to "solo" to do the melody of the song, how this work?
Try this... without any capo, "tap" any string on a acustic guitar, if you hear good, you will hear two sounds, one with the string "vibrating" (sp?) to the left side<-- that is loud,
and one sound ringing to the right side---> that is going to be very low, and probably very "high" (like playing on 30th fret of guitar, that doesn't exist)

Hope that you understand what im saying...

About the tunning that he is using, i don't have idea, and he plays veeery good

Edit: what i said here is an stupidity
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thats almost like playing two guitars...
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it is possible the second capo is just a string dampener and not really holding the strings all the way down?
Ummm...but then, providing my guess that when you hammer on below the string dampener the string is no longer dampened, making the note ring out, all the pulls off would be muted and anything that wasnt a hammer on owuld be muted, and you would be able to get the same sound be just hammering on without the dampener

Also, when you tap, the other note that you create tends to be sharp or flat, even with different tunings and capos the intonation of the guitar wouldnt be correct for that side of the fretboard. Plus when you do that, even on an electric guitar plugged into an amp (I just went and tried BTW) the notes arent as loud as those.
So I'm not sure how he does it, but i dont think anyone has hit the nail on the head yet
like this:


the a sound is (I cant think of the right terminology here) long, as in when you say the letter A, instead of the short A sound you get in words like cap,nap,map etc

Hope that helps
I play something kind of in this direction...

I use something i call a *Bastard Tuning* sometimes...
3 insane heavy lows and 3 super lights....

I split the neck and play the guitar as 2, 3-string instruments...

I write compositions for 2 guitars...and play them

It sounds pretty cool...A good use for an old guitar is to
experiment with tunings...I even picked up an old guitar
with bad frets from a friend...Use it for practicing slide-guitar.

I would recommend trying to learn scales and learn to write
your own scales. This will put you on the track to making
really unique stuff..

He may be using the two capos to center around
two chords...and cross cancel melodies. I read that
standard tuning *E-a-d-g-b-e* was decided because
it has the most economic fingering for the major chords..
Either way...Find chords that you really like ..and center
your tunings around them.
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