I already made a topic kind of like this a while back, but I think I need to rephrase the question a bit. Does anyone have any idea of some milestones you should reach in your guitar playing? What are the type of songs that you should be playing after 6 months, a year, etc.? I know that every person learns at a different speed and all that, but just a general idea...and say you practice for an hour a day.
Well, how long have you been playing? What can you play? What do you want to learn how to play? Some people play for 10 years and can't solo.
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Well, I'm interested in playing in that kind of thin line between hard rock and metal - the place GnR and AC/DC are in. I've been playing since June, so about 5 months. I can play all the parts of Back in Black except the solo, lots of Sweet Home Alabama, Sweet Child O' Mine's opening and some of the fills, and so on. I don't know much theory.
Thats not bad at all.

You might what to learn some scales and chords if you don't already know them. A good milestone would be being able to play the scales and understand them (know the notes too).
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Ok, I'll look into those. Is there a point where you kind of move out of the "noob" stage, though? I feel like learning to play well known "beginner" songs is kind of cheap, in a way...I mean, people who aren't familiar with the guitar will think you're just fantastic, but I'd like to learn some actual "intermediate" songs. And there are lots of beginner song threads, but very few dedicated to people wanting to make the big jump.